The Blogger Formerly Known As Drea M.

I had been making fun of Sarah Palin for some time before I actually found out what she had named her 600 children.   (‘Track’, ‘Trig’, and ‘Bristol’ being some choice ones.  I knew I should have stuck with that psychology degree.  There’s some serious money to be made.)

But these names paled in comparison to what she wants to name a future, as-yet-unborn child. 


Yep.  Zaaaaammmm-boni.

Made my day.

Anyway, I’ve been having a field day, telling everyone I’m going to change my name to Zamboni in honour of Sarah Palin. 

Today, I discovered that a fellow blogger has put up 10 bucks – that’s right, 10 whole bucks (albeit Canadian bucks…I kind of would have hoped for a dare from one of our American neighbor bloggers, but still…) for me to actually do it.

And well…I will do absolutely ANYTHING for a cheap laugh.  Let this be a lesson to you all.

*look up – look waaaaay up*


UPDATE:   To avoid confusing my readership, I have changed my banner back to its former glory.  However, that does not alter the fact that my true and legal name shall forever remain ‘Zamboni.’


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