Decisions, Decisions…Accessorizing Can Be Such a Chore

So I was on my way to a birthday gathering the other day and I realized I’d forgotten to sign the card.  Of course, being the super-organized woman that I am, it was a simple task to pull a fresh, fully-inked pen from my glove box and…

Yeah, anyway.

But hey!  Look!  It’s a:

“I’ll bet they have pens!  And I’ll bet they’re only a dollar!” I said to myself.

Little did I know that my world would be rocked in the next three minutes.

This is what I saw on my way to the pens:

The Hat Rack of Awesomeness.

I was stopped dead in my tracks.  Was it the swirly pink love?  Was it the gold studs?  Was it the elderly cashier in pink bedroom slippers giving me the stink-eye as I stood there giggling to myself in Aisle 3?

There is just so much awesome, it’s hard to pinpoint its origin.

In case you can’t see exactly what the hats say, here’s a few close-ups:

Milk, Jesus, whatever.

Jesus would love this hat

And in keeping with the theme (?):

Che, naturally

I can’t help but picture the board room:  A group of executives sitting around.  “So who do you think would sell well?  Who, of all the people throughout history, shall we choose to commemorate with our sturdy, economically-produced headwear?”

Because, you know, there is a fine line between the dude that 2/3 of the world will kill someone over, citing religious reasons and/or Broadway freedom of song (‘Jee-sus Chriii-st Suuu-per…Okay, moving on.  Sigh…) and the dude that caused the Cuban Missile Crisis.

[Am I the only one who thinks this is funny?]

Okay, I know.  I am SUCH a cheap thrill.  Guys, seriously – some chicks need diamonds, I just need a dollar-store hat.  (I would like to take this moment, however, to point out that all of these hats retailed for FOUR DOLLARS apiece.  Despite the signage.  I’m just sayin’.)


Can you guess which one I bought?

And the rest of y’all are getting Jesus hats for xmas.