Okay, Universe…We’re Cool. (For Now)

For those of you who don’t know, it was Thanksgiving here in Canada last weekend. 

Soooo, I’m a vegan.  From a very hang-loose kinda family.  (What this means is that my parents eat out on Thanksgiving…and they take the dog, not me.) 

BUT this does not mean that I am not in the spirit of the season. 

I got home the other morning to a voice mail from Keri, my best friend (I have several best friends – more about that in a future post).

Keri was calling in the wee hours to advise me that she had just seen a sappy chick flick (*whispered with a dash of embarassment*sexandthecity*) and she wanted to thank me for being her (*whispered with a pinch of embarassment*carriebradshaw*).  She may have been weeping a tiny bit.  And possibly shit-faced.  Whatever.

It got me thinking about gratitude.  And considering it is one of those saccharine holidays where such things are kind of expected, I figured it only fair that I bare my jugular and express my thankfulness.

So here we go.  (*Warning:  You may want to have a drink and/or a DVD of a particularly engaging episode of Buffy handy.)

Today, I am thankful for:

  • (Duh!)  Friends. 

    Me and Keri T.

    Keri T. and me (seems something resembling purple glitter nail polish got spilled on this at some point. Whatever.)

Friends who throw surprise pre-death funerals for you.  Friends who bring the cheesecake when you are sick.  Friends who know without asking where you keep the cat food when they house-sit for you.  Friends who send you antique hand-embroidered leather gloves in the mail for no particular reason, except that they are pretty and tiny and you are the only person they know with hands so small, and who would be willing to wear 60-year old clothing.  Friends who read your unpublished manuscripts and gush unabashedly even though you kind of suck because they truly believe you will make something of yourself one day.  Friends who track you down 30 years after you used to fall asleep together as little girls, holding hands and sucking your thumbs together…and then when you get drunk together as jaded and corrupt grown-ups, it’s like no time has passed. 

And new friends, who don’t get fooled by your bullshit and like you anyway. 

  • Jobs that don’t suck.

Jobs that finally, after so much exploration of the world, do not suck your soul.  Jobs that allow you to go home with a swollen feeling in your chest that reminds you of the Grinch at the end of the movie.  Jobs that let you spend time with people you really care about, and that let you help people you’ve never met, but at the end of the day, without knowing each other, you know that they will never forget you and you will never really forget them.   (For those of you who haven’t been following along, I’m an emergency dispatcher.  And no, you may NOT call 911 to reach me if you forget my phone number.  You will get in big trouble.  BIG.  TROUBLE.) 

  • Music. 

Well, except for country.  (No offense to anyone.) 

  • The ocean.    

This one should be obvious.   

  • Having been born so privileged.

 Some may say, “Well, you could have been royalty…you could have been a soop-ah star…” 

I am the luckiest chick in the world. 

I was born to cool parents (despite the fact that they are both completely out of their minds and are currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the dining room of their 6-bedroom home because their elderly dog can’t make it up the stairs anymore.  *more posts to follow on this one*

I was born in a liberal, beautiful, democratic (though most of us don’t take advantage of it), peace-loving, friendly country.  I have free health-care, clean water, freedom of speech/politics/religion, I have a wonderful education thanks to all of the above.  I am never hungry, I have choices some people born on this earth couldn’t even dream of.  I have enough that I can donate freely to charity without detriment to my ‘lavish’ lifestyle.  Think about that.  I beg you.

  • Books, communication, education. 

No matter where I am or what my circumstances, my world is only ever as small as my mind allows it to be.    

  • Nature.

I’m grateful I live in a place where I can see the water out my front window and the stars at night. 

  • Cheese recognition.

I’m ESPECIALLY thankful that I can recognize when I am getting sappy and dull, and so can change tracks on a dime.  THUS: 

  • Immaturity.

I am thankful that I got carded the other day, even though I am a rotten, withering, leperous hag of a certain age.  (And I would like to remind my American readers that the legal age in Nova Scotia is 18, not 21.  So, essentially, I am grateful that I rock.)

  • Snacks.

Thanks for chocolate-covered pretzels, because salty+sweet rocks.

  • Heyyawannahey?

I am grateful for sound, sight, taste, touch, scent (yeah, okay, I’m talkin’ about sex…)

  • Pretty dresses.

Because despite appearances (BAAHahaaahaha!), I am really quite shallow. 

  • And I’m grateful that you all are going to leave a comment telling me what makes you happy.  ‘Cause I lalalooooove comments. 

Be happy today for being you.  ‘Cause you – whoever you are – you undeniably rock.  You seriously do.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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