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The path of an artist is never an easy one…

Although Drea’s creative calling made its first appearance early in life (around the age of 2, she announced her intention to become an artist when she grew up – shortly after giving up her dream of becoming an alligator), the road that followed took many detours.

Spending much of her youth figure skating before realizing that she hates the cold, she graduated from high school only to be accepted into the core acting program at Dalhousie University. After that, she halfheartedly worked as an actress (read: low-paying stage work, embarassingly bad television spots, and of course, waitressing) for the next few years, before she began to want something more. Perhaps she would become a doctor.

Four more years of university led to a degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Russian Studies, but looking in the face of four more years in an underground laboratory caused her creative side to panic. So she decided to postpone grad studies for a while in order to do a little soul-searching.

The end result? A round-trip road trip across Canada, many pitchers of cheap beer at the Backstage Bar and Grill, a great deal of moshing at the now-defunct Birdland, lots of strange and wonderful encounters with strange and wonderful people, taking up skydiving and windsurfing – all led to the culmination of the woman she is now…

Living on the Nova Scotian South Shore, she began painting for real. She now divides her time between art, writing, and being a beach bum.

Published on December 28, 2008 at 2:27 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. I said it before; and I’ll say it again…what I said before. 😛

    At 2, ay? I can only remember as far back as 5. I remember my sibs and father giving me a start. I was on my own for a few years, after that. And, doubt slowly crept in, making room for fear and controversy/adversity. As a result, I’ve become more of a closet and restricted/nervous artist than the famous, productive one I aspired to be at a young age.

    I wish I could be as free with myself as you seem to be, even though you seem to have had your share of “detours,” as well. Your words light a fire in my chest. A little stallion rears and bellows to run wild.

  2. ‘Your words light a fire in my chest” is quite possibly the best compliment I’ve ever received. Let it run free!

  3. It’s a shame the reply to comment feature doesn’t seem to work for you/here. Glad I could look back before your response was lost in Blogland.

    On that note, I am drifting, now; I am smitten. 🙂 Still, my heart, or my ankle, is “shackled” to inhibition. I write stories of taking hands like yours and soaring above the clouds.

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