The Sketchbook Project

I recently bought a cute little sketchbook.  Here it is:


I got it home, put it on the top shelf of my desk and gazed at it moonily for several weeks.  Thinking, all the while, “Um…I don’t sketch.  Like, ever.”

It’s true.  Unless I’m being paid or otherwise coerced, I never draw or paint.  So lame, I know.  Which is ridiculous.

So I decided to make an effort.

I decided I am going to fill this little beauty with lovely little doodles (some of which may be destined to grow up to be real, live paintings!)

I have loads of pics to show you.  Stay tuned.

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  1. That’s one of those items I’d buy and look at on a shelf, myself. Heck, I could start a line of wall decor that looks like fancy sketch books and pens on shelves. I like the occasional book wallpaper and artificial book end table, etc. I like dressing up books. I am just not a genuine bookworm. 🙂 But, I adore bookworms.

    So, you paint without sketching first? Is that it?

    I sketch and aspire to one day learn how to masterfully paint. But, I need to free my spirit and sketch more, first.

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