I Wanna Be Bionic

My inner artist and my inner scientist have been duking it out inside my head for my whole life, so imagine my delight the other day when I read about this dude who designed the Einstein robot.  [Check him out here:  http://www.hansonrobotics.com/]  I soooo want to work for this guy.  He has the perfect job for someone with artist/scientist conflict issues.

This Hanson dude built a robot that looks like Albert Einstein.  What makes it so awesomer-than-awesome is that he invented this stuff called ‘frubber’ – a synthetic material that resembles human skin – which he used to make the face.  Inside the head are dozens of little motors attached to dozens of little wires that are configured exactly like the muscles of the human face, meaning that when Albert speaks, he furrows his forehead, raises his eyebrows, blinks, everything.

They plan on being able to mass-produce these babies within a year or two for a cost of only about two grand.

I want one.

But I want mine to scoop cat litter and do housework.  And I want mine to look like Johnny Depp.  Or maybe Jude Law, like in the movie “Artificial Intelligence”…but without the penchant for screwing nannies.  (Of course, this might not be a problem if you are a nanny…Okay, scratch that.  There was just so much ew in that sentence, I even grossed myself out…)

You can already get prosthetics that react to signals from the neural pathways, right?  So if I ever lose a limb (or hell, a face), I want these guys to make my replacement.  I mean, it’s all wonderful and miraculous what those doctors have done for folks whose faces were eaten by dogs or whatnot, but let’s face it – if given the choice between a scar-riddled face that may eventually be rejected by your immune system…or a totally life-like frubber face that could be sculpted into the design of your choice (I’m going with Angelina), which would you choose?  I mean…c’mon!

Maybe eventually, we will all just keep replacing bits as they wear out, until we are like, 80% bionic.  How frikkin’ cool would that be??  I’m totally onboard with that.  Screw all that ethical bullshit.  I’d kick ass as a bionic woman.

Think about it – the possibilities are endless.  You could even have a robot that looks like you for days when you feel a little rough around the edges – you know, to schmooze at work functions and stuff (they are working on emotional cognitive artificial intelligence, so supposedly this could be a reality someday!)

Well, the likelihood of being recruited to work at Hanson Robotics is probably slim.  But I can sculpt, and I like learning new things.  Screw them.

I’m gonna build my own damn robot.

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  1. LOL Andrea. Have you seen the story about the little Robot they set loose in Central Park, NYC to see how many people will assist it in reaching it’s destination at the other end of the park? I can’t remember what it’s name is, but you oughta google it. It’s cute as cute can be!..

    No, wait..
    I’m not THAT lazy, I swear.
    Just a moment.




    You’re gonna love this!

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