On the Importance of Always Remaining Just a Bit Out of Touch With Reality – Part III

When the girl finds herself somewhat restless with her life, she sometimes finds it helpful to distract herself with certain comforting thoughts:

That if her more paranoid friends are right and the government really is watching everything we do, then she should be receiving a call from CSIS any day to offer her a position as a secret agent based on the fact that they have been monitoring her near-genius skills at Sudoku.  She looks forward to having a good dental package.

That if she watches enough reruns of Prison Break, Alias and McGyver, she will be equipped to escape any possible tight situation she might encounter as a secret agent.

That she was totally justified in buying those cute boots, because secret agents always wear cute boots.

And that no one would ever suspect nerdy blogger girl of being a secret agent.  This is the perfect cover.

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  1. Plus you live by the water, so you could park your secret agent speedboat right out front, for when you need to leave in a hurry to chase bad guys. Oh wait, I’m thinking of Miami Vice.

    But you DO speak Russian, which I think is kind of a secret-agent prerequisite. And if you install some sort of secret knife in those cute boots you can totally write them off as a work-related expense.

  2. You know, I have actually been considering getting a jet-ski for the commute to work. Or perhaps a kayak. (Not so speedy, but better for the environment. That’ll show those bad guys.)

  3. You are SO the perfect candidate for being recruited!
    You’re gonna need a good undercover name.
    I anticipate something brilliant.

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