How To Suck At Animal Rescue

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  1. I forgot about that one — and even though the poor duck didn’t make it, you’re still a hero!

  2. Well it was a good try, wasn’t it? You couldn’t help it that duck was a quitter, could you? Haha, I like thinking of you barefoot at work. You know what I would like to see is statistics on how many you have saved, and how many you have lost. Not that I would judge you based on the statistics, but maybe if you could have told the duck you have a 60% success rate it would have given it something to hold on to. Besides your neck and sweater.

  3. You know, right after I posted this, it occurred to me that people are going to start thinking all the animals die around me. But I have actually saved a few. Remind me to tell you about that – it makes me seem like a much cooler person.

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