Je Vous Adore, Mes Amies <3

On this magnificent holiday, bred to appease the capitalist corporations and push the lonely one step closer to suicide, I would like to offer you – along with my heart, of course – a few of my favourite romantic items, virtually.

A song (WARNING:  Contains hot semi-pornographic opening scene which *may* help you forget that whole breast-implant incident):

[What?  Marilyn Manson is romantic…?]

A movie:

 [Because if you’re gonna fall in love, go big or not at all, man.  And it doesn’t hurt to drop a bit of acid, either.]

But most of all…

A quote:

“Marry yourself first and promise to never leave you.”  – Sark

[Well, it’s just smart.]

So share some love today, peeps.  Eat some chocolate.  Drink some champagne.  Laugh a little.  Have some wild hot monkey sex with your favourite lover.

But only because the media tells you that you should.  Tomorrow, it’s right back to being hateful.

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  1. When I clicked on the video to watch the hot semi-pornographic opening scene (without any knowledge of the breast implant incident), I was told: “This video is not available in your country or domain.” While I’m disappointed in not getting to see it, I do like the idea that I have a domain. I wonder if this also means I have minions? I hope so.

    Haha, I liked that quote about marrying yourself. I’m going to go look for my acid…

  2. Oh, and also: Je veux masser votre grand-père.

  3. Damn – I was worried that the video link may be a problem (it’s actually R-rated and usually just gives a ‘must be 18’ warning.)

    Marilyn Manson allegedly had breast implants put in once (now removed). I think they show in the video for ‘The Dope Show.’ I love a good freak.

    I’ll let my grandfather know about your request. Of course, he’s dead, so there may be some obstacles to overcome there. You could always just massage me instead?

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