And Now For Something Completely Different (with apologies to Monty Python)


WARNING:  Drea M. is on possibly-pms-related mental health leave at the moment, so her sister, Evil Drea, will be taking over for the duration of this post.   We will return to our regular programming once Nice Drea decides once again that her life doesn’t totally suck.


James Blunt – If I have to hear his whiny voice singing that fucking ‘You’re Beautiful’ song one more fucking time, rubbing it in that no guy who thinks like that has ever really existed in the history of TIME, and as if he isn’t totally gay anyway, andandand…just, well, I’m going to go all fucking postal on the radio.  Seriously.  Shut the fuck up already, James Blunt.

People who use ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS IN THEIR FACEBOOK STATUS’!!!!!!!!  Stop fucking screaming at me.

My stupid-ass hair, which can’t seem to decide if it’s curly or straight and which is running a serious risk of being sent to the compost bin if it doesn’t smarten up by the time the hairdressers open in the morning.

Chocolate-raspberry gourmet-roast, freshly-ground coffee.  Because it’s FRAUD!  Who would think that three such magnificent flavours could go so very, very wrong????  But it does.  Just the very words ‘chocolate-raspberry coffee’ should be considered false advertising and whoever came up with them should be forced to pay.  Speaking of which, I want my eight fucking bucks back.

[But you know what I do reallyreally like?  Sugar cubes.  Because they’re reallyreally small and reallyreally cute and square and you can build miniature igloos with them.  Okay, sorry, back to the rant…]

Myself, when I’m trying to list things that piss me off and I keep thinking of crap that makes me happy.  God-fucking-dammit.

Again, myself.  Because the other day I had Messenger on in the background while I was designing a very complex database, just in case this guy I like called.  And when I heard the ‘ping’, I alt/tabbed to switch programs so quickly that the database crashed before saving and I lost all my fucking work.   Fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck.  Fuck.  Stupid girly-fucking-girl.   (And don’t worry, Yvonne, this was at home, not at work.  Yes, I do these nerdy things even in my spare time.)

Weather that can’t make up its stupid mind.  Yesterday – 800 feet of snow.  Today – Plus 20 degrees Celsius/snow all gone.  Just fucking go back to being summer already.  Christ.

I think I’m going to go eat some chocolate now, and maybe kill off a few of my Sims just for fun.  Thanks for listening.

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  1. LOL LOL LOL (not screaming)
    Evil Drea is very funny!

  2. I love how one of my own posts is cited as a ‘possibly related post.’ That scares me a little bit.

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