My Boyfriend, Mr. President (as in Obama)


It is just past midnight here in Eastern Canada.  I am at work, just starting another graveyard shift.  After spending the day deliberately avoiding the media (I couldn’t take the suspense – this was an election in a country that voted in G.W. Bush not once, but twice; anything could happen), I finally sat down at my desk with my coffee and fired up the web.

And promptly saw the words “Obama Wins” splashed so beautifully across the screen.

I stared in shock for a few seconds, thinking there had to be a catch.  It was all just so easy.  I was thinking there was going to be more controversy like in the 2004 elections and we would all be forced to hang in suspense for days, or god forbid, weeks while the votes were recounted or something.  But here it is, midnight…and the verdict is a landslide victory for the man the whole world has been rooting for.

I’ve been showing amazing restraint in not blogging about Obama.  I somehow felt I would jinx things, maybe.  Well, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up even higher than they were by talking about it ‘out loud’.  That ends NOW.  

So, if you read my last post about how excited I get when my favourite band releases a new single, you are probably on the road to an accurate image of what came next.

Yes, that’s right.  (And yes, my boss reads this blog and I don’t care.)  There was much dancing.  A few laps around the room.  A couple of air-punches.  Lots of ‘wooooo hooooooo!!!!’


Then I cried just a little tiny bit.


Thank god you Americans are coming to your senses.  My faith in humanity has returned.

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  1. Haha, go humanity! 🙂 I think dancing around was most definitely in order. And a bit of crying. Wasn’t it hard NOT to cry during his victory speech? Isn’t it great to finally hear speeches in real life that are even better than those by presidents in Hollywood movies – and all the more better because they are REAL? Yes, it is great.

    But Americans are still horrible, horrible people 😉

  2. I lied about the ‘little tiny bit’ part. I was a basket case. But then, I’m a girl that cries over television commercials.

    And yeah, those friggin’ Americans. I wish they would all just move to Sweden.


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