Synchronicity (with apologies to Sting)

Why My Friends Find Me Spooky – Reason #307:

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to find a charming little flat in an old mansion-y type house overlooking the water.  The main floor is divided into two flats, mirror-images of each other. 

Imagine my pleasure when I discovered that the flat across the hall was occupied by Hot Jeff.  Hot Jeff was a delightful bit of yard candy in his early 20s and we quickly became friends.  Many a lovely chat was had on the porch (usually bitching about our respective relationships, but that’s another post for another day), usually over a beer or a cigarette (I had quit years ago, but for Hot Jeff, one was willing to make the occasional exception.) 

Imagine my sadness when I found out Hot Jeff was moving.  I was really going to miss him.  He always shoveled a path to my jeep when it snowed.

And, of course, there was always the possibility that whoever took over the apartment would be a sucky neighbor.  You know, playing music too loud, or parking in my space, or…you know, not being hot or whatever.

The sucking chest wound created by Hot Jeff’s abandonment was somewhat eased when my landlord contacted me to see if I knew anyone looking for a place.  Apparently, my landlords (a tree-hugging, book-loving couple that lived upstairs) liked me so much, they were hoping to find someone just like me to take the flat across from mine.  *mock modest shrug*  (Hot Jeff, while undeniably hot, was a tenant of the frat-boy variety…as in loud music, dirty ashtrays all over the doorstep, things like that.  I personally thought the hot kind of made up for it, but…)

Well, I didn’t know anyone at all who needed a place, let alone someone like myself.  I assumed it was because I was so deliciously unique and all.  Yeah.  That’s the kind of thinking that gets you a big fat kick in the ass from the universe.

Soooo….one day I step out of my flat pushing my bike.  And I catch something out of the corner of my eye and turn to find myself looking in the face of a girl coming out of the flat next to mine.  Also pushing a bike.  Also short.  Also with long brown wavy hair.  Kinda cute, with a bubbly laugh (those of you who know me, know about the laugh).  Roughly my age and build and colouring.  Bike was even the same colour as mine.  Then I looked at the parking lot, and parked right next to my little black car is another little black car.  Introductions informed me that Lindsay (who I will now think of as ‘Cool Lindsay’, for obvious reasons) is also single and also works in a similar community-service-oriented job.

Little weird, right?  But not really too weird.

Until you discover that she also has the same BIRTHDAY.

Yup.  It’s true.  I’d like to know what my landlords actually put on that apartment application form.

 This shit happens to me all the time.  It happens to you, too.  You just have to pay attention.

I wonder if Cool Lindsay likes to shovel snow.

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