Why I Rock.

I have currently been awake for 28 hours.  Since 7 am yesterday morning, I have: 

  • Read and edited the entire first draft of a novel I’m working on (don’t get excited – it sucks.  But it’s like when you make pancakes.  The first couple are always lousy.  I’ll write something someday that will make it out of the Desk Drawer of Shame.) 
  • Gone for a two-hour hike along the ocean.
  • Gone for an extended swim in same ocean.
  • Stepped on a jelly-fish (not actually on my to-do list, just thought I’d take another stab at the sympathy vote.  I mean, it was dead, so it didn’t sting me or anything…it was just really yucky.)
  • Worked an eight-hour graveyard shift at the ol’ emerg dispatch, where I helped save 14,985 lives and wrote 688,324 reports.
  • Enjoyed a 40-minute thrill-ride through the jungles of Bridgewater on Spike the Mountain Bike. 
  • Updated my blog.  Twice.
  • Finished the sketch for a portrait commission (it’s coming, Tanya – it’s coming soon) and transferred it to art paper.
  • Scooped more cat litter than any human should ever be required to scoop. 
  • Taken a leisurely stroll through the gardens surrounding my loverly home.


I am curling up with Pyewackett the Magnificent and my new book, of which I hope to read no more than three pages before being swept away in the arms of my darling Morpheus.


The Hypnotic Gaze of Pyewackett the Magnificent

The Hypnotic Gaze of Pyewackett the Magnificent

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  1. Pyewackett is so sexy. 🙂
    .. and he knows it.

  2. He gets it from me.

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