In Praise of Sleep

Published in: on July 20, 2008 at 3:22 am  Comments (3)  
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  1. Great read. Sleep truly is awesome.

    However sleep is not everyone’s friend. Take into account the narcoleptic. My strange Uncle Don is a sufferer of narcolepsy and is most often in that weird fugue state between awake and dreaming. He calls me with tales of giant refrigerators that he’s building on the moon as part of a water generation experiments for NASA. Also, a favourite tangent for him, is warp drive for the space craft he’s apparently designing and building in his one room apartment in the older folks building. Eventually his nemesis, that being sleep itself, wins out and he falls completely asleep mid sentence on the other end of the phone leaving me to just hang up.

    I dread his phone calls.

  2. I too want to marry sleep!
    Would that make us polygamists? If so, I don’t care.
    But just think we’d be huge.

  3. Mike, I kinda wanna meet your Uncle Don.

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