Okay – anyone who knows me well knows that I have THE wickedest dreams…dreams of epic proportions. Dreams of high adventure. Dreams that rock my world.

Tonight’s dream:

As a secret operative (I am often a secret agent in my sleep – similar to how I am one in real life…), I was undercover at a Star Trek convention. (No idea.) My partner and I were dressed in the traditional Starship Enterprise uniforms – yellow (I’m not sure what rank that made us…something terribly powerful, though, I’m sure) – which was lucky, due to their similarity to skydiving jumpsuits. (You’ll see…)

When the bad guys left the convention, we followed them in a high-speed chase down a perilously steep and twisting mountain road, until they discovered we were tailing them. The bad guys pulled over and as they exited their vehicle, we could see that they were wearing parachute rigs. In the blink of an eye, they were over the side of the cliff and gone.

“Dammit!” I yelled to my partner, who was now that Data guy from Star Trek (I have no idea what was up with the Star Trek connection.) “They’re BASE-jumping! We could follow them, but [mentally calculating the ratio of distance x falling speed at terminal velocity] in the few seconds it would take us to strap on our rigs, they’ll be long gone!”

“Don’t worry about it!” Data replied. “Just follow me!” And with that, he dove off the cliff, sans parachute.

Freaking out because he forgot his rig, I watched him fall partway down the abyss and then, because of special material that had been grafted onto his fingertips by our tech team, he was able to latch onto the cliff wall – Spidey-style.

Exhilerated by that reassuring news, I immediately followed. And trust me – while I loooove skydiving in real life, NOTHIN’ compares to freefall in dreams! NOTHIN’!

(The special Spiderman finger stuff ate away my nail polish, though. So it still has some bugs to be worked out.)

After a successful parachute-less BASE jump, we went to the ballet. I really like ballet.

(Then I became lucid in the dream, realized I’d forgotten to set my alarm clock – and woke up with exactly enough time to have a shower and go to work.)

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